Clothes Hanger Packing Machine.


Since 2001,As a Floktek Machine  for textiles, Apparel  and dry cleaning Sectors Hang Clothes Packaging machines manufacturing and distributing. All machines have their  %100 own and %100 domestic design.

The machines in question, and Hanger conveyer "textiles, dry cleaning and so on" packing companies has developed the definitive solution to the problem for the packaging. No need to waste time and money-saving element in terms of the costs of living with the problem timely delivery of the companies life saving machines.

Floktek imposed by Turkish Patent Institute of Machine developed and registered in the "Packaging" Is Packaging Hang Clothes adds to the values we offer your company.

  • Company with a staff of staff 4-5 and the possibility of making that work tirelessly
  • Keep your products up until the point at which the last reached at destination, external factors. presentation increases your quality with world class packaging
  • Lets you deliver your shipping on time without the stress of raising.
  • With the ability to source your products from your pending property bag is completely external factors.
  • Easy moving wheel design machines can be moved easily to every point  with  only one person.
  • Thanks to the programmable digital control, and the number of packaged product are set for the production of the substituted part by part announcing the number of alarm with your business, thanks to the counter feature allows you to control the production of made.
  • Use and control program does not require qualified personnel because the extremely simple and easy to use by anyone.